Made in Italy

We believe that shoes must be beautiful as well as comfortable to wear. The crafting of the shoe and the quality of the materials used are both essential in reaching a sublime result. All Epoke Copenhagen shoes are 100% made in Italy, hand-stitched by skilled artisans with a longstanding tradition of making shoes for top luxury brands, and developed in close collaboration with some of the very best shoe modellers in the world.

Luxurious materials
We are passionate about leather; true python or the sensuous look and feel of pony skin (calf hair) creates an exclusive touch just by itself. All time favourites are velvety suede and calf skin, not to mention the sporty look that you can achieve from nubuck. Our range of leather is handpicked from the very best tanneries in Italy.

The snake skin used on Epoke’s shoes is either made from real snake (true python) or is leather printed with a pattern (imprint). The real snake farmed for their skins are not protected or endangered species, checked by Australian customs before entering Australia.

All leathers are natural and breathable materials produced in accordance with EU regulations in regards to protection of the environment and animal welfare.